Frequently Asked Questions from Commercial Drivers

What will happen if I do not complete my sleep test?

Once identified at-risk for sleep apnea you may be asked  by your DOT Examiner to complete a sleep test to determine if you have sleep apnea. If you do not complete the sleep test your DOT Examiner may not renew your Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), sometimes called a “Medical Card.” A valid MEC is required to maintain a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Is a home sleep test accurate?

Yes. A home sleep test is an excellent test. Clinical science has proven that a multi-night home test is as good or better than a test performed in a sleep lab.

What if my test results are negative?

Your test results will be shared with your DOT Examiner. If you had a high pre-test probability of apnea your examiner may refer you to a sleep lab. Or your DOT Examiner might accept your results and renew your MEC.

What if my test results show I have sleep apnea?

Your test results will be shared with your DOT Examiner. If a medical provider orders treatment, a professional can review treatment options with you.

Will I lose my Commercial Driver’s License if I have apnea?

Many safe drivers are being treated for sleep apnea. Once you start using your treatment, a report will be provided to your DOT Examiner. Once you demonstrate treatment compliance, your DOT Examiner may issue your MEC.

NOTE: Factors other than sleep apnea may impact your MEC. If your apnea is controlled by treatment your DOT Examiner may renew your MEC.

What do I do after I complete my sleep test?

Return the Snap recorder as instructed and the test data will be analyzed by professionals trained in sleep. Your sleep test results will be shared with your DOT Examiner. The next step will be determined by the results of the test.

What do I do if I need treatment for sleep apnea?

Upon referral of your medical provider, a DME professional who understands apnea treatment, can contact you to discuss the treatment options best for you.

How will my DOT Examiner know if I am using my prescribed PAP sleep treatment?

A report will be generated by your PAP that indicates whether you are using your treatment or not. The report will be shared with your DOT Examiner.

What if I have trouble using the recommended treatment?

The company that provided your treatment is committed to your successful compliance with ordered treatment. Their trained professionals are standing by to help overcome possible treatment challenges.