Untreated sleep apnea complicates the care of many patients. When you suspect sleep apnea, your patients can take a simple sleep test in their own bed.

Consignment service is our most popular option.

While many service options are available, most providers find it best to give the recorder to the patient from their office.

Handing the patient the sleep kit in your office on the day you order the test underscores the importance of the test and dramatically increases patient compliance.

It only takes a few minutes to dispense the sleep test kit from your office. It can be as simple as completing the Snap Test form and showing the patient the easy-to-follow three step setup guide.

We also offer a DropShip service.

Using this service option, FedEx will deliver the sleep kit directly to your patient’s home. After the test is complete, FedEx will pick-up the sleep test.

What will my patients do when they get home?

When they get home, the majority of patients simply take the test and return the kit to your office in a few days. It is a very easy process that has been refined on hundreds of thousands of patients. Some patients may elect to follow along with our short video, read the step-by-step manual, or visit our website. Every patient can also elect to access our toll free phone support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For 20 years we have been committed to delivering a quality service. Testing is a simple process.

Want to order a Home Sleep Test today?

If a patient meets the indications for a home sleep apnea test you can enter the information requested on the form below to start the process for your patient to receive a sleep test. NOTE: You will need to print the completed form to add required original signature where indicated.

DROPSHIP Sleep Test Order Form

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