Order Treatment for Apnea Patients

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Complete form and submit to refer a patient for treatment of their sleep apnea. After the Ordering Provider authorizes the Medical Order, your staff can forward the medical order and relevant patient documentation to your preferred treatment provider.

Medical Order for Treatment of Sleep Apnea
Complete this form to refer a patient to your preferred treatment provider. NOTE: After you click "submit" at the bottom of this form, you will be presented an option to print or save the completed order. Form version: WEB-MK-065 rev A

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NOTE: Please do not send treatment orders to Snap Diagnostics.

Snap Diagnostics is a home sleep testing company and this treatment order should be sent to a treatment provider.

Click the button below to see one EXAMPLE of a common medical order for treatment. Your actual order will of course match the specific needs of your specific patient.

EXAMPLE Treatment Order

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If you have questions about treating your patient, please contact your preferred treatment provider.