Home Sleep Testing Made Simple

Sleep Apnea is Serious.

When a patient is identified to be at-risk for sleep apnea, we know that it is important to complete a reliable sleep test in a timely manner.

We Care.

That’s why you can depend on us to deliver the results from an accurate sleep test as fast as possible.

“My patients have liked Snap’s Home Sleep Testing. I support using their service.”

Quality Experience.

We are committed to a quality experience for your patients, providers, and staff. When available a local Snap Territory Manager will visit your practice as needed to answer questions and support the testing process. Support is also available via phone, email and our website.

Flexible Service.

Every medical office has the option to use the Snap service in one of two ways: DropShip service (Fedex assists in delivery of a Snap Recorder to/from patient) or Consignment service (consign a Snap Recorder onsite at no charge to the practice for efficient patient testing). Snap’s support team can answer questions about this service option.

Dependable Results.

Our test will detect and quantify obstructive as well as central sleep apnea. Our results are accepted by insurance companies when a treating provider wants to initiate apnea treatment. Snap Diagnostic’s sleep service was validated in peer reviewed publications showing greater than 90% agreement with traditional in-lab polysomnography.

It only takes a few minutes to order a Snap Home Test.

Each medical location can look for Snap by its local address in your EMR.


Confirm your patient meets the indications for being at-risk for sleep apnea.



Provider completes Referral form. Patient completes Registration form.



Fax completed forms to Snap Diagnostics:  847.465.3401

That’s it… we’ll take it from here.

What happens next?

  • With our DropShip service, after Snap’s team receives the test documentation, we use FedEx to deliver the Snap Recorder to the patient’s home. The patient will follow a simple protocol for an at-home sleep test. Video, website instruction, and phone support are available during the testing. FedEx is contacted to return the recorder to Snap.
  • When the data arrive at Snap, professionally trained technicians analyze every minute of raw data for every report. The test report is interpreted by an Sleep Specialist. Snap’s Medical Director oversees Snap’s service and quality control.
  • When the sleep test is complete the ordering medical provider will get a copy of the test report by fax.
  • Snap personnel is available for education and review of the test report if needed.
  • You have the option to access your Portal on Snap’s website to check on testing status, review patient results, and / or download a digital copy of the sleep test report. Your team also has the option to configure your Portal on Snap’s website to access your patient’s PAP therapy compliance reports.