Monitoring PAP Compliance is Critical to Positive Outcomes

Using the Snap Portal to access PAP Compliance Reports.

Turning on PAP compliance is a one-step process for each patient that can occur when the patient is setup on PAP.

Your preferred DME Treatment can sync your patient to the Snap portal by entering a special code that will be provided by the Snap Portal if you elect to order PAP treatment.

More detailed step-by-step instructions for your DME can be accessed by clicking on the “DME Instructions” button on this page.

Once this step is complete by your DME, PAP compliance reports will be automatically delivered to your portal on any schedule that you select.

Your medical practice can schedule receipt of treatment compliance data to achieve maximize positive outcomes with your sleep apnea patients.

Monitoring PAP Compliance is Simple

Green bars indicate when your patient is using their PAP.

Encouraging your patient to use their PAP early and often is a key to successful PAP compliance.

DME providers are experts at managing sleep apnea patients on PAP therapy.

The DME who provided the PAP will manage any PAP problems that your patient encounters. The DME is the same source of patient support if you made a referral to a sleep center.

How do I monitor PAP compliance?

Step One:  Login

Log into your Snap Portal.

Set the time intervals that you want to view a PAP compliance report on your Snap Portal.

Many providers elect to view a compliance report after 30 days of PAP use. Many providers review compliance reports every six months thereafter. You can request a compliance report anytime on demand.

Step Two: Read the PAP Compliance Report

PAP compliance reports can be configured to automatically be delivered to your Snap portal in a PDF file, which can be added to your patient medical record. This step requires that your DME activate a feature in the patient PAP setup.

Most insurance plans allow any medical provider to read a PAP compliance report and bill for that professional service.

Some insurance plans allow the reading to be performed as a procedure. Other insurance plans require the reading to be performed incident to a face-to-face encounter.

You should review the insurance guidelines for your patient population to determine how you want to perform this service.

Contact Snap if you have any portal questions or you do not know how to access your Snap Portal.

You can also contact Snap if you want us to educate your preferred DME on activating the “automatic delivery” for PAP Compliance reports.

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