We are committed to Supporting Commercial Drivers

When a commercial driver is identified to be at-risk for sleep apnea, we know that it is imperative to complete a reliable sleep test in a timely manner.

The clock is ticking… It often feels like a race to get a driver’s apnea under control before their temporary medical card expires.

Driver safety is our top priority.

That’s why you can depend on us to deliver the results from an accurate sleep test as fast as possible.


If a driver is found to have sleep apnea you can depend on the Fleet Sleep solution to arrange for the medical order for treatment and assist with driver PAP compliance.


We care. We are committed to a quality experience for the Driver, the DOT Examiner, and the Trucking company.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Sleep Apnea


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It only takes a couple of minutes to refer a patient for a Sleep Test.


Confirm the driver meets the indications for being at-risk for sleep apnea.

Indications for Sleep Test



Provider completes the Referral form and Driver completes Patient Registration form.

US Healthworks Referral Forms



Fax completed forms to Snap Diagnostics:  847.465.3401

Snap is Accredited by The Joint Commission, ISO Certified and a Medicare IDTF.

That’s it… we’ll take it from here.

  • FedEx will deliver the Snap Recorder to the patient’s home.

  • The patient will follow a simple protocol for an at-home sleep test. Video, website instruction, and phone support are available during the testing.

  • FedEx will return the recorder to Snap.

  • Professionally trained technicians analyze every minute of raw data for every report. Snap’s Medical Director oversees Snap’s service and quality control.

  • The US Healthworks provider will receive a copy of the sleep test report that has been interpreted by an Sleep Specialist. Snap personnel is available for education and review of the test report if needed.

  • If the driver requires treatment a trained professional will contact the driver to assist with the next step and your provider will receive a copy of the PAP Compliance report.