Direct Messaging

Providers can refer patients to Snap for a home sleep test via Direct message.

Direct messaging is a HIPAA compliant way to send secure messages with personal health information directly from your electronic health record (EHR) system to Snap Diagnostics. 

You can order a Snap test by sending a Direct message to Snap Diagnostics’ Direct address:

Please attach the following to your Direct message:

  • A signed Medical Order for a home sleep test
  • The clinical note from the patient encounter in which the test was ordered
  • The patient’s demographic and clinical information

When the testing is complete, we can return the sleep test record to your patient’s EHR medical record by a Direct message. Your EHR system will alert you when the report arrives.

For providers using electronic health records, Direct messaging ensures efficient exchange of health information, reduces errors, and improves care coordination. In addition, making your referrals by Direct message may be reported towards Meaningful Use of your electronic health records, which as your practice administration appreciates, is helpful for their annual reporting.

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