Sleep Medicine has undergone an evolution.

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Sleep Testing for Sleep Apnea has Gone Home.

The sleep diagnostic industry began decades ago with a laboratory test that targeted the assessment of over 50 different sleep disorders. This complex lab-based sleep test included 25 channels of data; the protocol was inherited from research protocols of the early industry pioneers.

Recent clinical research found that the determination of sleep apnea could be reliably performed with a four channel test. The less complicated, yet equally accurate, test could now be performed by patients in their own bed. These technology innovations in recording and analysis allowed a home-based test to provide the data needed to accurately diagnose sleep apnea and select a treatment plan.

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Sleep Science

These clinical studies clearly show that answering the most common sleep question, “is sleep apnea complicating the health of my patient?” can be addressed by a simple test that can be reliably performed by a patient in their own bed at home.

The published findings suggest that for most sleep apnea patients, the relationship of the patient’s primary medical provider is a better predictor of patient compliance and positive outcomes than a referral to a sleep specialist.

Clinical studies consistently show that patient outcomes are the same or better when the patient’s primary medical provider uses a home test, treats when needed with an auto-titrating PAP, and manages the apnea patient in their own medical office.

Another benefit is these equivalent or improved outcomes are accomplished while patients and healthcare payors are spending less healthcare dollars.


Sleep testing made simple.