How To Use Our Test

How To Use Our Test

An abbreviated version of these instructions is included with each test kit, in our 3-step instruction card. 

We also offer an instructional booklet and an instructional video.

Still have questions? Our support team is here to help.

(800) 762-7786

Step 1 – Turn On The Recorder


Press the green On/Off button on the left to turn on the recorder. One or more green lights should illuminate.

Step 2 – Connect to the Sensors


Connect yourself to the three sensors as shown here. Look at yourself in a mirror to ensure that the setup looks right.

As sensors are connected to the recorder, additional green lights may illuminate.

1. Nasal cannula – This measures your breathing patterns directly through airflow and sound. The cannula should be placed underneath your nose with the longer prongs facing down towards your upper lip.

Each cannula is single-patient use and can be cut to your measurement.

2. Respiratory effort belt – This measures how much effort you are making to breathe through your chest movement. The belt sensor should be placed on your chest above the breast, and should feel snug but not too tight. The belt can be worn over your clothing.

3. Pulse oximetry sensor – This measures your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The oximetry sensor should be placed on your finger with the wire along the back of your hand. Children receive a pediatric sensor that can be placed on the big toe.

Step 3- Press Record


Once all sensors have a green light, you are ready to record by pressing the red record button.

A final green light next to the record button indicates you are recording.

Don’t worry about stopping the recording. It will turn off automatically after 6 hours.

When testing for multiple nights, simply repeat these steps. Test for the number of nights ordered by your doctor. If you are unsure of how many nights your doctor ordered, you can contact Snap support or your doctor. Usually, Snap Diagnostics recommends testing for 3 full nights of sleep, as breathing patterns can vary significantly from one night to the next.

After Recording


Once you have finished recording, return your test for analysis.

  • If you received the test kit from your doctor’s office, return it to them.

  • If the test kit was delivered to your home, follow the return instructions in your kit to have it picked up.