Pulse Oximeter Adjustments

An adult size pulse oximetry sensor on Snap Diagnostics' home sleep apnea test
An adult wearing a pulse oximetry sensor and a chest effort beltas part of a Snap Diagnostics home sleep apnea test

The pulse oximetry sensor can be placed on any finger. Choose a finger that allows the sensor to be secure, but not too loose or too tight. If it feels comfortable, we recommend using a different hand and/or finger for each night of testing.

Position the sensor so that the cable rests along the top of the hand.

If needed, the sensor can be secured with a Band-Aid® or tape on the back of the hand, or on the base of the finger. To maintain good circulation, do not apply the tape too tightly on the finger.

For best results, remove nail polish or false nails before applying the oximetry sensor.