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Snap Diagnostics provides sleep apnea testing that can be completed in the comfort of your home.
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Why Test for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by irregular breathing during sleep. Over time, it is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other serious complications. However, these health risks can be reduced through effective diagnosis and treatment.

We have a number of resources to help you navigate sleep apnea testing. Learn about the importance of testing for sleep apnea, the benefits of testing with Snap, and how to use our test. To get started, you may register online or by phone (847) 777-0000.

What information will I get from the sleep study?

By completing our sleep study and sharing it with your medical provider, you will learn:

  • whether or not you have sleep apnea,
  • the type of sleep apnea,
  • the severity of the condition, and
  • which treatments are most appropriate.

To ensure an accurate diagnosis, we record your breathing directly through airflow and sound, and measure your breathing effort through chest movement. In addition, we record your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate throughout the night.

Along with instructional videos, we offer 24 hour phone support to answer testing-related questions. You may also follow the written instructions included in your test kit or online.